Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs: Danielle & Caitlin of Once Upon A Dollhouse

Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs: Danielle & Caitlin of Once Upon A Dollhouse

Danielle Sommerfeld and Caitlin Campbell, also known as The Dolls of Once Upon a Dollhouse, are a friendship powerhouse that began their blogging business on the basis of excitement, sparkle, and magic.


After working in the corporate field for several years, The Dolls launched their blog and created a huge following and Instagram presence (7k+ followers) in the short span of a year. Once Upon A Dollhouse is all about celebrating health and happiness with appreciation for the grace and beauty of the world.

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What did you do before you started Once Upon A Dollhouse?

Before starting Once Upon a Dollhouse, we both worked in Communications-driven fields. Caitlin worked at a PR & Social Media Agency, managing the influencer engagement strategy worldwide. Danielle was an on-air news reporter for 8 years.


Why did you start your blog?

This has to be one of our favorite questions! Of course we have a story behind it. Shall we start with Once upon a time… ?

We met by a combination of serendipity and magic at a Fire & Ice party. Caitlin was doing the PR and Dani came with a mutual friend. We began talking and had an instant soul-sister connection. Soon enough, we became roommates and moved into the glam pad that will forever be remembered as our life-size Dollhouse. From there we had so many questions from our friends and even acquaintances “What is your workout routine?” “What is your favorite music festival?” “What’s the hottest restaurant in Chicago right now?” Finally, we decided to write it all down.

Once Upon a Dollhouse was officially launched in January, 2016 to chronicle our best friend adventures and celebrate the beauty of life. In this world, our ultimate goal is to share positivity and inspire our fans and followers to become their healthiest, happiest self.


What has been your biggest business challenge so far?

I think the biggest challenge we have is time. There’s just not enough of it! We spend a lot of time on organic interaction, because that is by far the best way to gain momentum and attention on Instagram. A great tip to remember is that building a following doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a lot of consistency and dedication.

We quickly realized that it’s all about balance. We balance our friendship with our business to keep our motivation, consistency and vibrant energy in tact. We encourage each other and celebrate our ideas and every milestone we hit along the way.


What tools and/or apps do you utilize the most?

We like to call Instagram the google of Millennials. We are constantly on the app posting photos, interacting with friends, and discovering new places.

In addition to social media, our business survives on google calendar, photoshop, dropbox, the rainbowlove app, and Facebook networking communities.


What do you have for other aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

Follow your dreams and work your bow off!


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