10 PR Tips to Live By in 2017

10 PR Tips to Live By in 2017

The world of PR is constantly evolving. It’s no longer an industry of gate-keepers and limited channels. There are endless platforms and tools you can use to connect with the media. However, the need for a good PR strategy for any business, big or small, is still  fundamental.


Earlier this year I ran a tip series on Instagram called #PResolutions touching on on my top 10 tactics for implementing a success PR campaign for your small business. I’ve compiled the Instagram tips into one handy blog post below. Enjoy!

1 What’s Your Story?


2. Define Your Key Messages


3. Have a Digital Press Kit


4. Research the Media Landscape


5. Draft a Pitch Template


6. Follow Up on Everything


7. Know Your Lead Times


8. Create An Editorial Calendar


9. Know Your Platforms


10. A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way


Do you know any great PR tips that I didn’t include? Comment them below!

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