12 Top Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

12 Top Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

An effective social media marketing plan should be an essential component of any small business’s growth strategy. Social media is crucial for brand awareness but the field is ever-changing; Therefore, it can be overwhelming when you’re faced with so many platforms and possibilities.

Over Christmastime, I ran a #12DaysOfStrategy series on Instagram with the intention of giving my followers the top 12 tips of social media marketing. Enjoy!


1 Follow the Rule of Thirds


2.  Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar


3. Plan a Content Road Map


4. Third Party Scheduling Tools


5. An Instagram Palette


6. Consider Your Audience


7. Organic Interaction is a Must


8. Make it Visual


9. Make it Personal


10. Quality Over Quantity


11. Check Your Analytics


12. Have Some Fun!


Do you know any great social media marketing tips that I didn’t include? Comment them below!

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