As a small business owner I find social media very overwhelming. I hired Jem to help me create a realistic short-term and long-term social media strategy for my business. In addition to providing a detailed marketing strategy that I have found very easy to implement, she helped me create a company newsletter, and made suggestions to improve my business website. Within one week of implementation I saw a significant increase in online engagement. I'd recommend hiring Jem if you are in need of refining or creating a social media strategy; she gave me focus and delivered results.

– Cassandra Hawkinson, Active Moms Club

Her support, vision and guidance helped to define my company's brand and significantly increased new business. I would thoroughly recommend her to any company.

– Nick Harris, Tamborine Productions

Driven, professional, well connected with a great ability to craft a story are all words I would use to describe Jem. She proved a great extension to our comms team in executing a PR strategy which secured national profile for a brand new festival in Birmingham with no track record. No mean achievement!

– Joanna Birch, Director, New Generation Arts Festival

I've used Jem for many music PR & content development projects over the last few years, and what I love about Jem is that she just ``gets it``. While we've tried to work with other music PR agents that claim to know music in all of it's varieties and diversities, Jem knows how to grasp a concept, run & develop it, and actually REALLY make it happen…

– Daniel Clarke, CEO, NexGen Music

While supporting the Future of Music Coalition with their marketing campaign for the Policy Summit 2010, Jem Bahaijoub was a pleasure to work with: organized, communicative, creative, and – a rare trait – in possession of a rock solid ability to follow through. I have no hesitations about hiring her again for future projects.

– Chhaya Kapadia, Event Organizer, Future of Music Coalition

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It is exceedingly easy to write a recommendation for Jem’s work as she regularly surpasses any expectations of her professionalism, abilities, and demeanor. Truly a pleasure to interact and communicate with, she brings great passion to her work as well as a very deep pool of experiences and contacts. She also excels at understanding the given situation and is flexible enough to formulate a plan of action that best suites the task, rather than expecting her clients to curb their needs to fit her limitations. She is also not afraid to use her sense of altruism in order to do the right thing for her clientele, while still meeting professional goals.

– Marco Delmar, Owner, Recording Arts LLC

Jem is the one of the most energetic, passionate, creative, thorough, enthusiastic professionals that I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail, forward-thinking and overall vision of the future for artists are key qualities that contribute to making her one of the best in the field.

– Carol Wright, VP of International Marketing, Universal Music Group

Jem is simply a lifesaver. She didn't flinch when confronted with the ambitious goals that the dreamscapes project set for their 12 Days Project release. This included coordinating the press and partnerships for 12 releases, one a month, for an entire year. Needless to say, few would sign on for such an endeavor and even fewer would succeed. Jem, however, was professional, active, and organized and remains, in our minds, the paramount reason for that project's success.

– Keith Center, The Dreamscapes Project

Jem is a pleasure to work with because she gives each client personal attention and is very engaging on a one-on-one level. She achieves her client's goals by carefully getting to know what makes her client tick and what they're trying to achieve as either an individual entity or brand. Her extensive knowledge of PR and Marketing is an absolute asset and I look forward to a continued working relationship with someone as professional as she is.

– Rachel Levitin, Singer-Songwriter

Jem is one of the most talented PR and marketing consultants of her generation. An exceptional communicator, she has directed campaigns for some of the biggest and most revered artists and events in the world.

– Ian Roberts, Managing Director, A Star PR

Generating buzz for a new product is next to impossible without a well-crafted PR strategy. Jem not only used her knowledge of the music tech marketplace to identify the proper press targets for Presskit.to’s public beta launch campaign, but also leveraged her vast network of music tech journalist contacts to ensure that we received significant coverage where it mattered most. To boot, Jem is reliable, organized, and a delight to work with. I recommend her for any music related publicity campaign without reservation!

– Aidan Rush, Presskit.to

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Jem makes valuable PR connections happen. She is a creative and independent thinker who delivers everything she promises and more. She can proficiently provide public relations, branding, marketing, communications and more. Her skills and the high level of energy and enthusiasm she brings to the table have been a tremendous asset in helping me reach my publicity goals for the release of my album. I would certainly recommend Jem for any task where enthusiasm, reliability, hard work and trustworthiness are valued.

– Mary Alouette, Singer, Composer, Music Teacher, Media Strategist

Washington, DC’s performing artists have been in need of a bona fide publicist for ages, and Jem Bahaijoub’s arrival is a welcome blessing! Her tireless commitment toward my professional goals makes me wonder how she has time for anything else, and yet I hear other clients tell me they receive the same attention. Jem is my champion and cheerleader for this album PR campaign–with her I know I have made a wise investment.

– Ted Garber, Singer-Songwriter